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  • modern italian furniture

    When you're getting high end furnishings, like luxury Italian furniture, you often come across leather. Leather has been a valuable commodity since the earliest days of man, and top quality leather is an amazing investment. Combine this high-quality material with furniture, and you have a recipe for an eye-catching home. 

    The U.S. furniture market is massive, generating around $101.41 billion in 2013, and that number is expected to grow steadily by 2.9% until 2024. This creates a lot of room for high end luxury furniture to make appearances in the average American home.

    But why should you get high end furniture, specifically high end Italian furniture?
    High end, modern Italian furniture is made with quality in mind. It's top of the line and can come with leather as a symbol of this quality. Leather is often associated with the best, the most premier, of products. It gives the impression of sophistication and a classic feel. Italian furniture is often hand made in custom designs. And that adds to the aura of luxury.

    High end furnishings are also durable, and leather can help prolong this durability in that it lasts four times longer than your typical fabric. It's tough but flexible, meaning it has a resistance to tears and punctures. It can also resist spills and dirt more easily and can be cleaned often with a mere wipe of a damp cloth.

    Modern Italian furniture and most luxury furnishings can already last a lifetime or more with proper care. Leather can stretch that lifespan even longer, making it a great gift to pass down and a good investment.

    And that's a major part of many purchases: what you get out of them in the long run. To truly understand the value of high end items, you have to consider the long-term pay-off versus the upfront costs. The immediate cost of things like high end Italian furniture, or any furnishing containing leather, might be the biggest turn off for people.

    But furniture is the third most expensive thing a person will invest in, after their homes and cars. You want it to last. And getting high end furnishings that will last a lifetime is a good investment to make. Leather can help make the investment over the long term be worth even more.

    So if you're looking to furnish your home, choose high end items like luxury furniture with leather instead of fabric. You'll be much happier with the results.

  • How Is the Creation of Wooden Fiber Kept Eco-friendly?

    When you hear the words 'wooden fiber' it is only normal that you think of wood and trees. We pride ourselves to be an eco-friendly brand, so the well-being of the environment is among our top priorities. This is why we make sure our processes and practices don't endanger our world.

    Benefits of Clothes Made from Wood Fiber

    Clothes created using wood fiber are soft, breathable and absorbent. Trees used for making clothing do not require pesticides. Not to mention, growing trees for wood fiber use the most sustainable practices possible. The process doesn't require a great deal of trees to yield a large quantity of wood fiber either, meaning there's little damage to the ecosystem.

    Manufacturing Process of Wood Fiber

    The first step of the process is to obtain cellulose. The obtained trees are turned into wood chips and then boiled for several hours. The substance made converts into a consistency of sludge through this process. The substance is then pressurized, and all dirt, knots and other debris from the mixture are removed to create pulp (the pulp is then washes and bleaches for further cleaning). After, the pulp undergoes a steam cleaning. At this stage, the product has a high cellulose count. Next, the cellulose is dissolved in a sodium hydroxide solution. The entire concoction passes through rollers that eliminate any excess fluid and turns them into sheets that are crumbled or shredded. The cellulose is then aged through oxygen exposure and emulsified with carbon disulfide under a temperature-controlled process. This material is dissolved in a caustic solution. It's then left to rest, which alters the material so it forms a filament. It undergoes filtration to remove any particles that didn't dissolve and it then passes through a machine that removes any air bubbles. Finally, it's submerged in a vat of sulfuric acid that creates the material. The filaments are then stretched and washed to prepared it before it's turned into clothing.

  • Designer Spotlight: Lorena Meyer

    At ef+facto, we take the time to recognize each one of our designers as a valuable member of our team. Lorena Meyer is the brains and brawn behind a great deal of the aspects of our company. She has the experience and talent that is guiding the industry of luxurious Italian products.

    Lorena Meyer began her journey in the fashion world when she attended college to earn a degree in Fashion CAD. From there, she continued her education at the Istituto Marangoni, Milano, where she advanced her education and focused on fashion design. Her four years at the institution allowed her to gain the experience and skills to advance her career in the industry. In 2009, she earned her master’s in Fashion Coordination at the Miroglio Fashion SRL. At this particular institution, she was able to continue growing her skills, not only as a valuable player in the fashion world, but also in terms of her managerial skills.

    Her first position working in the field was as a stage designer. She learned valuable tools, which she has carried with her throughout the entire duration of her career thus far. In 2010, she began her career as an assistant to a fashion designer, which is when she truly gained the skills and experience necessary for her to join our team. She focused on how colors impact customers' mood. In 2016, she became a fashion designer at InstituvaLab. Shortly after that same year she joined our team as our Fashion Director.

    Today, she plays a vital role in our design processes and leads our design team at ef+facto, helping us to derive fashion designs that are unique, appealing and luxurious.

  • Sparco Home & Lifestyle by ef+facto Collection: Art Inspired Furniture

    If you want furniture that is driven by a tradition of quality, style and Italian luxury, then Sparco Home & Lifestyle by ef+facto is in the victory lane.

    Sparco is a renowned Italian auto part and accessory company that aspired to increase safety in the racing world. The two talented racecar drivers who founded Sparco did just that and so much more. They changed the look of the racing world and added a stylish edge to their products. They not only revolutionized safety on the racetrack, but also created a new design norm for race cars and drivers’ suits in the process.

    Through the years, Sparco has branched out by sharing their vision with the fashion and furniture industries. Effacto is a company that brings extraordinary designers together in order to transform their customers’ dreams into exquisite quality products. Their furniture designs are unique works of art, intended to be appreciate for a lifetime. So when Sparco and Effacto blended together, a unique, stylish and winning team was formed, creating the Sparco Home & Lifestyle by ef+facto Collection: Art Inspired Furniture. These pieces are more than just functional furniture, they are exceptional designs that are truly works of art created for this unique and artistic collection.

    1. Ewan:

    Pay close attention to Ewan, an elegant chair that is made out of very exclusive materials. Carbon fiber and wooden leather are carefully mixed with a steel rod structure creating a vintage yet industrial look. The designers had comfort in mind too. The gorgeous Ewan is adjustable, so comfort is as important as the undeniable style. This elegant chair is perfect for any decor style and room in the house.

    2. T-Racing Bedside Table:

    This minimal bedside table offers maximum functionality and beauty. Inspired by Sparco’s rich race car history, the pairing of gorgeous wood and carbon rods beautifully marry to create a design that’s a winning addition to any home. Decorative, thanks to the artist’s distinctive eye, and functional for its strength and storage availability.

    3. T-Racing Floor Lamp:

    Just like Sparco’s T-Racing Bedside table, the eye-catching T-Racing Floor Lamp features a series of carbon rods that act as a structural component and give it an industrial feel. The lamp's shade is unique, as its translucent fabric shines light throughout any room, creating an extraordinary glow. These are only three designs from the Sparco Home & Lifestyle by ef+facto Collection. Browse our website and see how each piece is created to be treasured. Add one to your home or give it as a special gift to someone who appreciates attention to detail and exceptional style, just as the Sparco racing team envisioned so many years ago. This collection is truly a winner.

  • fine italian furniture

    If you're looking to bring life into a room of your home, there are several ways that this can be done. One method is to look at the furniture in the room, and take into account how it feels there. Furniture is an investment, typically the third most expensive one an individual will make their home and their car.

    Having high end furnishings might not seem like a good use of money, let alone things like fine Italian furniture, but high end furnishings actually last longer when properly cared for. Their finer craftsmanship can mean that they can last a lifetime or more.

    So that initial investment can last well beyond what you'd expect.

    But furniture, even fine Italian furniture, needs to help the feel of the room. It needs to help you feel comfortable and to do that you need to take into account many factors, like the color.

    It is estimated that 60% of all high end modern furniture shoppers specifically went looking for furniture that helped them feel calm and comfortable.

    The colors of a room or space have probably the largest impact on how you feel in it. Are they bold and vibrant? Muted and serene? Having the right colors in a room can dramatically affect how you feel about it, and having the right furniture can help too. One of the most important places to have these colors feel right is the bedroom.

    You want your bedroom to be the most comfortable room in the home, and the one that helps you feel the calmest. The colors might be different for everyone, but the concepts behind selecting the color palette are generally pretty standard.

    Some examples of color palettes for your bedroom are:

    Neutral Grey And Vibrant Color
    A soft grey on the walls, ceiling, and larger parts of the room give a feeling of serenity, but adding something like a vibrant red can breathe life and personality into space. Save the red for things like rugs or pillows.

    Black, White, And a Dash Of Red
    Black and white is a classic color scheme, but adding a little bit of red can make the bedroom stand out. Raising its energy. Red is known to be the most energetic of all colors, and so pairs well with solid black and white.

    Forest Green And Earthly Brown
    A color combination that screams of the natural world, and one that can be taken seriously. Though these dark colors can be a little overwhelming in a space, adding plenty of natural light can make it very inviting.

    These are just three different color palettes that could work well with your fine Italian furniture, which can come in many styles and colors. Italian furnishings, like luxury Italian bedroom furniture, can come in many makes and colors, with many designs.

    So if you want to have a room that feels alive and vibrant, they would make an excellent addition with the right colors.

  • luxury home brands

    The market for furniture is growing, especially among the younger generations as they move on to get homes of their own. Millennials’ only had a market share of 14% of all buyers in 2012, but in 2014, that number shifted to comprise 37% of all households buying furniture and bedding.

    That makes them the largest market buying furniture at the time, of all the generations.

    But if you're purchasing a home, and looking for furniture for it, you want quality, and you want it to last. Many millennials buy cheaper goods, due to the financial state of the time, when high end furnishings would serve them much better. Things like Italian bedroom furniture or similar luxury home brands.

    There may be a marked increase in price, but after a home and a car, furniture is the third highest expenditure of any household.

    Italian furnishings especially get noticed for their fine quality. If properly taken care of, they can last a long time, even an entire lifetime. That's the major benefit of luxury home brands for furniture, the quality. You can be assured that you're getting the best use of your money.

    Buyers all over the world seek to get these pieces of high end modern furniture because they’re durable and can withstand more wear and tear than any other. The average recliner can last around 10 years, but when properly maintained, Italian pieces can last a lifetime or longer, enabling them to be passed down to future generations.

    Italian furniture is an investment, and after its purchase, you can be sure that you won’t need to buy replacements anytime soon.

    It's also one of the most versatile styles of furniture, truly living up to the title of "luxury." It can come in many different designs and materials. Wood, glass, leather, stainless steel, and many other materials can go into their creation. 

    There are also countless furniture styles available including sofas, chairs, ottomans, loveseats, coffee tables, desks, beds, dining tables, and more.

    Italian furniture can provide your home with a look and feel that cannot be duplicated or matched by any other type of furniture or design. If you have any questions about pricing for these pieces, or about what materials are available, feel free to contact us.

  • Wearable art inspired by nature creates high-end, gorgeous, must-have fashions.

    Wouldn't it be nice to experience nature and its fantastic features in our everyday, luxury fashion? Italian fashion brand Effacto designers are using nature as an inspiration for their clothing lines and actually using nature to create wearable art. Here are five wardrobe must-have trends for 2017.
    1. Rugged, Urban Style
    It's everywhere and continues to rule the runways. Designers are embracing urban clothing that offers more than just style, it's an edgy statement beloved by all ages. Both the young and young-at-heart can capture an energy only this rugged, perfectly torn, tattered, and totally comfortable look can offer. Message-driven tops and blouses mixed with feminine peek-a-boo fabrics soften the look. Add a few pretty or not-so-pretty patches of fabric and layer to create a unique, one-of-a-kind piece that defines your individual, not-like-anyone-else image. 
    2. Big, Bold Color
    Color is always in style and now every fashionista can let her colorful side bloom. Big, bold, floral designs mixed with stripes, geometric shapes, and carefully mismatched laces, leathers, fabrics, and special adornments brighten any mood. Fashion now celebrates its artistic creativity by designing tropical themed dresses and other styles that enhance the body by extending the look onto the legs, abs, arms, shoulders, cleavage, and more. It's a semi-tribute to the 1970s and 1980s with 21st Century palette perfection.
    3. Jump for Jumpsuits
    Slip on that one piece of fabulousness for any occasion. Could it get any better than gorgeous, comfortable fabrics that follow the body's curves and accent any woman's figure? Flirty one-piece jumpsuits and rompers command attention, especially with special, luxurious styles that are even adorned with all the sparkle needed to complete this all-in-one look. Jump into this captivating, youthful trend perfect for any season and any reason.
    4. Sheer, Sustainable, Sensational
    Wearable wood is the real deal, but unless you are in the know, you "wood not" know. Designers who are forward thinking are using sheets of wood to create some of the most gorgeous fashions, which many call wearable art. And just like the woman or man who wears it, each piece is unique; no two the same.
    5. Walk This Way
    It is all about the shoes to finalize any fashion, but this year the shoes had soul. Bright, high wedges, metallic, etched heels, and men's inspired loafers were all adorned with playful, high-end, artistic style. If the artsy shoe fits, well, you know what to do.

  • Luxury items truly are worth what you pay for them for many reasons.

    When you're browsing through luxury Italian furniture or opulent vases, you might question whether it's worth it. You might wonder if you should take the plunge and opt for luxury. And if you're on the fence whether you should spend the extra cash and adorn your home in lavish decor, there are good reasons to go for it.

    1. Get What You Pay For
    Although it seems like a good idea to save money by purchasing less expensive items, you truly get what you pay for, and you'll definitely notice the difference.

    2. Holds Up Over Time
    When you purchase a standard piece of furniture or another similar item, it might use a lesser quality material that doesn't withstand the test of time. You'll save money at the time of purchase, but you might need to replace the item sooner than if you would if you spent the additional money for a luxury item.

    3. Better Quality
    Luxury items are made of better materials. The processes used to manufacture them ensure everything from the stitching and any other adhesives to the material used are of better quality. Ultimately, they look better and are more professionally done. You'll find when you purchase luxury items, you'll receive many more compliments from guests.

    4. Resistant
    Scratches, tears and other blemishes decrease the appeal of items you have. They make whatever you own appear older than they really are. Unfortunately, when you purchase traditional, non-luxury items, they're more prone to damage than a luxe piece. When you opt for a lavish item, you'll notice it's more resilient against damage such as scratches and tears. Ultimately, it will look newer for longer.

    5. You're Worth It
    If you're considering purchasing a luxury item for the first time, or even convincing yourself of doing it again, keep in mind you're worth the extra money. Buy what you want, so you can feel comfortable and enjoy what you have. You truly deserve it and don't for a second feel guilty about spending on something you really want.


  • Want to refresh your favorite room? Instead of renovating the whole space, invest in a beautiful statement piece of fine Italian furniture or decor.

    Does your favorite space feel stale or plain? Do you have a room that doesn't feel complete, even though the walls, flooring, and furniture are perfectly lovely? Sometimes, all you need to shake up a room is a single statement piece. Instead of getting messy with paint cans or investing in a whole new furniture set, pick out a piece of fine Italian furniture or décor. This season’s interior design trends are full of mix-and-match styles, and if you use your statement piece correctly, it could become a new focal point that transforms the whole room.

    Here is a couple of our favorite ways to make a style statement at home.


    Cozy Custom Armchair, Created Just for You

    Nothing catches the eye quite like custom made furniture, and an armchair is a versatile, long-lasting investment that can easily be rearranged for different effects. Whether you love hosting parties or curling up with a good book, you can request a comfortable custom armchair that fits all your style—and lifestyle—preferences, from shape and size to wood finish and fabric patterns. Our custom-made Italian furniture includes one-of-a-kind custom armchairs with cutting-edge architectural design elements.


    Handmade Glass Murano Vase

    Colored glass truly brings indoor spaces to life, because it interacts with light throughout the day, casting colorful shadows and changing from one shade to another. Murano glass vases are handcrafted to take full advantage of this beautiful dance, with avant-garde designs that give surprising dimension to the vase’s smooth, curved surfaces. Add our Deep Blue Murano vase to the center of your coffee table, or give it a place of honor on a pedestal near a sunny window. Your home will instantly be more colorful, dynamic, and elegant.

    At ef+facto, we pour our creative energy into every piece we customize or commission for you. Request a custom piece of fine Italian furniture today, or browse our collection of statement-making decor and furniture to find inspiration for your next update. 

  • If you're looking for a gift for your lady, check out these high-end gift ideas.

    Whether your significant other is celebrating a birthday or you are spending a major holiday together, surprise her with a luxury gift. You will not only surprise her, but you'll also give her something that wows. If you are considering several high-end gifts, you may want to think about the following ideas for something that will fit her just right. 



    1. Vases
    Ef+facto Murano vases are unique pieces that will become a focal point in any luxury decor, no matter where she places it. With authentic jewels and distinctive colors, Murano vases set the tone for the entire room. They are elegant, and each one is handmade. Plus, they complement our other Italian homeware items. 

    2. Dresses
    At ef+facto, we have a wide selection of dresses of all lengths. No matter which selection you choose, it will be sure to hug her curves in a way that flatters her figure and makes her feel confident. Every dress is comprised of a soft material that makes the dress just as comfortable as it is luxurious. Although the vibrant patterns make each dress from ef+facto unique, the fact that many of the pieces are handcrafted truly make these items stand out as high-end gifts.

    3. Bags
    Ef+facto offers various accessories that help her achieve an overall look of elegance. Purchase a handbag that's functional, yet stylish. She will be able to keep her valuables close to her while enhancing her look. Get her a messenger bag that's practical with just a hint of trendy. With sharp lines and bold colors, you can find a bag that she can take everywhere she goes.

    4. Blouses
    Our selection of tropical shirts is ideal for a day at the beach or a night at the movies, depending on how she dresses the shirt up or down. Our shirts have hand-painted patterns that will have all of her friends asking where she bought it. Just remind yourself that she will be able to say you were the one who picked it out, making you look like an amazing partner with exquisite taste. The soft, fresh wood fiber fabric is breathable and soft on her skin.

  • luxury italian bedroom furniture

    No one likes to live in an unattractive home. Whether you are currently renting an apartment or are living in your own house, you should do everything in your power to keep you living space as nice-looking as possible.

    Not only do you want to have an enhanced living space for when guests come and visit, but you'll want to have your place looking as nice as possible for yourself. You'll eventually feel self-conscious and upset if you're still living in a messy, unattractive home, so it's time to make some changes from the living room to your own bedroom.

    Here are a few tips that will help you live more comfortably and acquire the kind of living space that you’ve always wanted.

    Purchase some luxury Italian bedroom furniture

    If you truly want to improve the style around your home, there is no better group of people to consult than Italian furniture designers. Finding luxury Italian bedroom furniture can give you a wonderful feeling every time you step foot into your bedroom and certainly every time you lay down on the couch or bed. In addition to bedroom furniture, buying Italian leather sofas for the rest of your home can be great for hosting (and impressing) guests. Leather is easy to care for, too. Simply apply conditioner every six to 12 months and wipe up any spills with a clean cloth as soon as they occur. Don't use normal cleaning supplies like solvents, detergents, and soaps.

    Thoroughly clean every inch of your apartment or home (and then clean it again)

    The only way to guarantee that you live in a nice-looking place is to make sure that it's as clean as can be. Don't just vacuum once a month and take the trash out each day, either, you're going to have to really clean every single inch of your home to make your property look spotless. Far too many people live in messy homes with dishes all over the place, stains on the floors and walls, and just a general fogginess that comes along with an unclean home. Don't be like these messy property owners, take some time every day to clean up little items around your home, and spend a day or two every few weeks and thoroughly clean your entire property.

    It's time to improve the look of your home. If you want to learn more about enhancing the look and feel of your apartment or house and purchase some quality luxury Italian bedroom furniture, contact EFFACTO today!

  • luxury italian furniture

    Furniture is one of the most expensive things a person will buy, right after their car and their home. However, just like a home or a car, you should think of furniture as an investment. That's why it's important to take the time to select the right styles and brands. Only the most high quality furniture will last a long time, and buying cheap, inferior furniture will inevitably result in replacing those items again and again.

    For that reason, luxury Italian furniture as remained a staple of high end design for decades. Italy produces many beautiful things: Their cars are some of the best in the world, Italian fashion brands stand out on the runway, as do their wines. In a country known for its fine craftsmanship, it's only natural that their furniture is some of the best on the market.

    If you're redecorating but are balking at the high price tag on sofas, love seats, and beds, here are some excellent reasons why you should consider high end furnishings like luxury Italian furniture:

    1. Make You Home Unique
      Italian furnishings are unique in their designs; they catch the attention, and they can help their owner transform their living space for the better. Rather than mass produced Swedish furniture that comes in a cardboard box, fine Italian leather instantly draws the eye and enhances the space around it. The furniture in your home really does affect your mood and quality of life, which is why furniture is such a valuable investment. Just try browsing an online catalog and compare with other items on the market. You'll be able to tell the difference.
    3. Emphasis on Quality
      These products are built to last. Many customers around the world have already discovered that these products possess an amazing durability. While the average sofa won't last more than five years, in many cases the best luxury Italian furniture will last a lifetime, especially if properly maintained. Therefore, they are the perfect investment for property owners that don't want to have to get new furniture or reupholster old ones every few years.
    5. A Variety of Shapes And Sizes
      Two common misconceptions are that Italian furniture is only available in certain parts of the world and that their numbers are scarce. Fortunately, neither of these myths are actually true. Homeowners can pick from a number of furniture options, from sofas, dining tables, and ottomans, to computer desks and beds. There is a large range of available products and a great deal of decorating options. That means these pieces can be used to great effect in almost any residential or commercial space. And with modern shipping methods, you can have your furniture shipped to anywhere in the world, often at a very reasonable price.

    When it comes time to purchase furniture, you have two options: cheap factory produced furniture that will last a few years, or high quality luxury that will last a lifetime. Unless you're buying a futon for your first apartment, the choice is clear.

  • Why Luxury Furniture Is The Way To Go

    Furniture is an important part of your home and helps give the space life and a feeling of being lived in. It gives it the feeling of it being "home," and that's important. You should want your home to feel like one. You should have quality furniture, things that will last a long time. 


    Furniture is the third most expensive thing that an individual will buy, right after a home and car. Things like luxury Italian sofas may seem to be too expensive or too much for most, and sometimes that may be true, but good quality isn't cheap. You shouldn't have to settle for just a plant, but a plant in a quality vase. 

    Why Luxury Furniture Is The Way To Go

    Here are suggestions for making your home, no matter if it's a small studio or a large mansion, feel like someplace to belong, and to stand out.

    High-end furnishings can make even the most humble of homes feel like a palace, and they can be found cheaper than you'd expect. Deals and sales happen all the time, and getting something that will last is important. Do you want to have a sofa that will last decades? Well, luxury Italian sofas, or really any luxury home brands and makes, could do just that. So as long as you treat it right.

    High-end luxury furniture and high-end modern furniture, which is just a fancy way of saying anything made after the 19th century, come in many different designs and styles. Some vendors even have the ability to add certain designs to the materials or to shape the wood in certain ways to make it stand out more. That means more variety for your furniture, and more ability to be placed in ways that you'd enjoy.

    Decorate your home in ways that feel and look right to you, make the style and the look of the furniture match the decor around it. The colors of the walls, the "feel" of the room. Use the space wisely. You don't need to purchase a lot of furnishings, just enough to "complete" the feel of the space. 

    So pick your furniture wisely. Pick something that will last, and give your home something to brag about, something that makes it feel like a true home. Luxury furniture has a long life span, and you could end up with something that'll outlast even yourself.

  • Why Eco-Friendly Furniture Is a Good Choice for the Office

    Choosing new furniture for an office environment is a challenge. Not only do you need to think about attractiveness and function but there is a good chance at least some of your pieces will see heavy use and should be made of a durable material.

    So, with all those concerns already on your mind, why should you choose eco-friendly furniture for the workplace? Consider these four simple reasons.

    Eco-friendly Can Be Beautiful: Today’s eco-friendly designs are just as beautiful as those crafted from animal products. Just because you choose a “faux” material doesn't mean you have to settle for something with a second-best appearance. As we often say at Sparco, “Style depends on the quality of the idea, not on creating it at the expense of animals and the environment.”

    There Are More Options than Ever: In the past, you may have felt like there were few options in eco-friendly furniture. Today, with caring for the Earth a bigger concern for more companies, there are tons of great designs, including pieces that would be at home in any showroom—as well as in your office.

    Durability Isn’t a Problem: Products made from our “new materials are even more durable than the old-fashioned thing. Over time, each piece will develop character, rather than showing wear like a leather piece. What could be better than that?

    Shows Social Consciousness: Finally, choosing an ethical, eco-friendly material for your office furniture indicates that your firm is conscientious about the world today. You may gain a few fans just by making this simple choice.

    While you have a lot to think about when furnishing your office, it is certainly worth giving eco-friendly products a second look. Check out the options available from the Sparco Home & Lifestyle Collection by ef+facto, or contact us if you have any questions about our product line. We look forward to working with you.

  • Wooden leather is one of the most unique fabrics in the world of Italian fashion.

    Wooden leather is one of the most unique natural fabrics available in Italian fashion. It is constructed using several extremely thin layers of wood that are attached to a fabric with an environmentally friendly adhesive. Once the wooden leather is complete, it is laser-etched to create the unique leather look that only it possesses. 


    Unique Look
    Wooden leather is unlike any other fashion fabric in the world. It is easy to clean and extremely versatile. Because the graining of the leather is laser-etched, no two pieces will ever look exactly the same. Over the years, where natural leather may fade or discolor, the look of wooden leather remains constant and will become more vibrant. Every time the item is cleaned, more of the uniqueness within the grain will come out.

    Versatility at Its Best
    Wooden leather is extremely versatile and can be used for both clothing and accessories. High fashion clothing items created with wooden leather can be worn in almost any setting. The fabric works extremely well for tropical themed clothing items and is ideal for accessories. In addition to making you look your best at all times, the fabric is ultra comfortable allowing you to move freely and enjoy almost any activity you choose to participate in. 

    We also use wood fiber to create tropical themed dresses and accessories made of wooden leather. These unique materials are like nothing else on the market. What does remain constant, however, is the quality and professional workmanship that goes into each item. Ef+facto creates luxury items crafted from wooden leather that are both beautiful and fully functional allowing you to look your very best at all times.

  • Murano Vases

    Murano Vases

    17 May 2017

    We keep the tradition alive by using the original techniques, crafting at the local workshops in Murano, and passing along the knowledge from one generation to the another as it Has Been done

    Visit our Homeware section to order these exquisite pieces.

  • 3 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Arranging Furniture

    It's no secret that Italian fine furniture can make a fabulous and luxurious addition to any home. However, to make the most of your furniture and decor, it's critical to arrange it in a way that is accommodating to guests and brings the whole room together. Here are some common furniture arrangement mistakes to avoid.

    1. Mistake: Spreading your furniture out too much
    If you have a big living room, that's great, but it doesn't mean that you should put all your modern Italian furniture against the walls to preserve the open space. Furniture that is spaced too far apart makes it hard to have a conversation with someone because they'll be too far away. Create a space that's both cozy and comforting and isn't too big to have a quiet conversation.

    2. Mistake: Overcrowding your home with furniture
    When it comes to luxury Italian furniture, less is more. Don't feel like you need to fill every inch of the space. Select one or two nice pieces and place them accordingly to help tie the room together. Overcrowding furniture makes it hard to move around and just makes the room itself look awkward and unappealing. If your home is overcrowded with furniture, guests may notice the quantity over the quality.

    3. Mistake: Not establishing 'zones' in a large room
    If you have a room in your home that's going to be used for more than one activity, it's important to establish furniture 'zones' for the appropriate areas. For example, if you have a dining room that's big enough to use as a living room too, you should have a clear dining area and a separate living room area with a sofa and television. You can also coordinate an accepted piece to serve as a sort of divider between the separate areas of the room.

    Ultimately, Italian fine furniture makes any room appear more luxurious and high-end, but it's important to make the most of these pieces by arranging them correctly. For more information about Italian furniture, contact Ef+Facto.

  • 2017's Luxury Bedroom Decor Trends

    The bedroom should be your fortress, decorated to make you feel luxurious and comfortable. With the best Italian bedroom furniture and elegant personal touches, your bedroom can be a soothing getaway within your home. If you've been sleeping on updating your space, consider the following trends for some inspiration. This year's trends are all about creating a soothing and airy atmosphere with personal details dispersed throughout. 

    • Wallpaper: This feature is no longer reserved for your grandmother's house. Wallpaper is back with high-end furnishings, adding a bold splash to even the most muted color schemes. Get creative with artful patterns and decorative geometric shapes.
    • Natural Elements: This trend has been popping up all over the home this year. Rustic wooden furniture is a must, with house plants and fresh flowers to supplement. Remember to balance these pieces with more modern touches as to not overwhelm the space. Mastering the use of natural elements will add a bit of freshness to your high-end Italian furniture.
    • Soft Color Scheme: Your bedroom should be as calming possible, so try to achieve a tranquil look with muted colors. Hotel crispness is quite popular right now, with white comforters and walls dominating the room. If you choose to implement this trend, add personal touches of color throughout the space.
    • Golden Details: What says elegance better than gold? This classic metallic detail will take your high-end modern furniture to the next level, adding classic sheen to your overall look. Try a golden lamp base or drawer knobs, for example, drawing the eye to these classy details.
    • Hardwood Floors: Design gurus are trading plushy carpets for hardwood flooring, adding to the airy, natural feel of this year's trends. If the sleek hardwood floor is too bare for you, try adding decorative area rugs. These are a great way to add pops of color and bring in bold accents.

    Once you purchase your high-end luxury furniture, it is important to decorate around these pieces to make your space feel as personal as possible. The world market for luxury furniture is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4% between 2015 and 2019. Remember: Balance is key when creating an ideal space for your Italian bedroom furniture. Don't be afraid to take risks and add bold modern pieces to even the most classically decorated room.

  • Can Luxury Furniture Improve Your Emotional Well-Being?

    We spend a good chunk of our time at home, so it's no surprise that the atmosphere of our home can greatly impact how we feel. But do you realize how big an effect our furniture can have on our well-being? If you're stuck with worn-out, dated furniture, you're not likely to feel at ease or proud of your surroundings. But when you purchase high end Italian furnishings, you're actually making an investment in your emotional health. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of buying luxury Italian furniture for your home.

    High End Luxury Furniture Provides Increased Comfort

    Let's face it: cheap furniture is usually very uncomfortable. And if your furniture actually gives you aches and pains, rather than taking them away, you're not going to feel very relaxed at home. High end furnishings, on the other hand, have a high level of craftsmanship and use only the finest materials. That means that your Italian furnishings will be supple, comfortable, and will actually help to decrease stress. In fact, 60% of high-end home furnishings customers look for items that make them feel both comfortable and calm. Your number one furniture must-have should be exquisite comfort.

    Luxury Home Brands May Improve Your Mood

    It may seem strange, but by buying more beautiful furniture, you may actually make yourself happier. When we spend time in environments that are more aesthetically pleasing, our moods generally improve. In contrast, old or damaged furniture can really put a damper on things. We want to be surrounded by beauty. New Italian furnishings will undoubtedly provide this beauty and make you much more contented -- rather than bored or agitated -- with your surroundings.

    Your Furniture Can Fix Your Social Life

    The look of your home doesn't just affect your family members; it can impact everyone who comes to visit. If your living room feels depressing due to your furniture choices, your friends and loved ones probably won't come to call very often. But when you decorate your home with functional, attractive high end furniture, you'll create a welcoming atmosphere where everyone wants to be. You may even find yourself yearning for alone time! But in the end, that's a nice problem to have.

    If you're looking for ways to improve the feel of your home, your furniture choice should be at the top of the list. With help from EF+FACTO, you'll be able to make your home look luxurious with minimal effort. To learn more, contact us today.

  • 4 Interior Design Trends to Look for This Spring

    Furniture is usually the third most expensive thing a person will buy after a home and a vehicle, so it makes sense that any homeowner would want their interior decorating and furnishings to stay trendy. Now that spring is in full swing, it's time to look at some of the biggest trends moving forward in 2017. 

    From emerald to olive, green is back and working hard throughout many homes. According to celebrity interior designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, the color is "strong again" in terms of interior design. Martyn, who has done interior design for Kendall Jenner and the like, suggests adding green accents to dish sets for a quick and stylish fix. 

    Tropical Prints 
    Whether it's on a work of art or on high end modern furniture, a tropical print is a statement. And apparently it's a statement that's back in style. The print has even appeared in new wallpapers throughout homes in 2017. But if you're looking for a quick and easy way to stay on trend, Lawrence-Bullard suggests adding a few throw pillows to your modern Italian furniture. 

    Artisan Furniture 
    High end furnishings are always in, but the age of Ikea has steered consumers away from it for a little while. Now, people are recognizing the value of a well-made piece of furniture. New Jersey-based designer Beth Diana Smith recommends shopping for antiques to find pieces of furniture that will last the test of time. 

    In addition, shopping for high end Italian furniture is another excellent option. Not only are these pieces always in style, they can certainly stand the test of time as well as any antique. 

    Unique Lighting Fixtures 
    Many people believe in using furniture or art as a statement piece, but a lighting fixture can be just as effective, if not even more illuminating. Young Huh, one of Vogue's five young designers on the rise from 2015, recommends the dining room as a great place to start. In addition, she says unique bedside lamps are also a great addition. 

    Whether your home is filled with luxury Italian furniture or antique pieces, these four trends will give it a wonderful spring update.

  • Wood Leather vs Animal Leather: Which Is the Best Choice?

    Leather is one of the most popular materials used in the furniture and clothing industries. The cost of the highest quality leather, however, is not always cost effective. New manufacturing techniques have been developed that use birch fibers and thinly cut pieces of wood to create what is now referred to as "wood leather." Wood leather has the look and feel of leather as well as its strength and durability. It is extremely soft and flexible and has the same texture as natural, hide leather.


    Longer Lasting/Durability

    Handbags, clothing and furniture items that are designed and manufactured using leather products will often begin to show wear and tear if real leather is used. Wood leather resists wear and tear offering luxury items a much longer life span. The wood leather ages in much the same way as real leather but does not wear out, nor does it become thin or weak. It maintains its texture and durability for several years, no matter what circumstances it endures.


    Easy to Maintain and Restore

    Real leather must be conditioned regularly to help it retain its flexibility and natural color. Wood leather, on the other hand, needs very little care and when discolorations occur due to excessive use; it is easily restored to its original color and texture. The leather is easily cleaned and does not require special soaps or cleansers. Luxury handbags and furniture pieces that are manufactured using wood leather simply need to be wiped off with a damp cloth. 


    Luxury clothing and handbags that were once made exclusively of leather are now being manufactured with other materials, including wood leather. Wood leather offers the same look, feel, texture, and durability as real leather but is more environmentally friendly and durable for long-term use. Individuals who love the feel of leather will enjoy products made with the new material because of its beauty as well as its ability to connect the person with the most natural of elements.

  • What Does Sustainability Mean?

    The focus on the environment and maintaining high standards of sustainability has often put companies who produce high-end luxury items at a loss. Much of what is produced has a detrimental effect on not only the environment but the people as well. This does not have to be the case. With new advancements in how certain materials are produced, luxury items can be produced at an affordable price with minimal impact on the world around us.


    What Is "Sustainability"?

    Sustainability has to do with leaving the world in the same condition (or better) than we found it. It involves using as much of a resource as possible while producing very little waste. Effacto's ability to produce as much as 350-square meters of wood leather out of one tree means very little waste and maximum efficiency when it comes to resource usage. Many companies use resources without considering how they will be replenished. Part of the sustainability process is to re-introduce 35 new trees into the environment for each tree consumed.


    Maintaining the Highest Standard of Quality

    One of the main concerns of any company is maintaining the level of quality that consumers demand in luxury products. It can be a difficult task to maintain high standards of quality if a company is constantly worried about sustainability. The right processes and the ability to efficiently use every resource are key elements of a successful company. The fact is, luxury items can be produced from sustainable materials. They are extremely durable, look magnificent, and feel as soft as any silk or leather product on the market that is manufactured in less environmentally friendly ways.


    Luxury furniture and clothing do not have to be bad for the environment. For individuals who want the absolute best when it comes to comfort and design, look for options that foster sustainability. Effacto offers both by using sustainable materials that are of the highest quality while at the same time offering little impact on the environment.

  • Birch Fiber vs. Cotton

    One of the newest trends in high-end luxury fashion is the use of birch fibers in place of cotton. Fabric made from birch fibers has the soft look and feel of satin while at the same time offering comfort and improved wearability. The use of birch fiber to create fabric is not a new concept. It is both environmentally friendly and naturally sustainable. The use of natural wood fibers to manufacture fabric and other materials offers clothing designers several new options. Not only are the clothes beautiful, they allow the person a unique opportunity to reconnect with nature.


    Softer, More Natural Texture

    Birch fibers are extremely soft and when used to create fabric produce a satin material that blends nature and beauty in one durable garment. The fabric offers a comforting touch and texture that enables the person to re-establish a natural harmony with the world around them. Birch fibers are extremely strong and can be used to create a fabric that is both durable and versatile. While the texture of the fabric is both soft and natural, its ability to move with the person offers both flexibility and fashion in one unique piece.


    Improved Comfort and Wearability

    High-quality clothing is well known to provide both beauty and style. It should also offer comfort as well as wearability. Clothing pieces that are made from birch fiber instead of cotton offer improved comfort and maximum wearability. The fabric is of the highest quality and can be used for almost any design or pattern. Clothing made from birch fiber material allows the person to move freely without restrictions and embrace the natural element that is embodied in the piece.


    While cotton has been a mainstay in the fabric industry for years, luxury clothing made from birch fibers is bringing to light the versatility and durability of other natural fibers. The satin material created from birch fibers also offers individuals a chance to re-establish a connection to the world around them while allowing them to look their very best and feel as comfortable as possible.

  • New Trends in Furniture Production

    High-end furniture manufacturers are using new, fantastic, and unique materials to create new trends within the industry. Individuals who are looking for eclectic yet stylish furniture pieces can expect to find items that are made from easily sustainable, eco-friendly resources.

    Each piece is stylish and beautiful, boasting the soft feel of leather and the sturdiness of wood and carbon fibre materials. All of the materials used are durable and versatile, allowing the user to get the absolute most for their money. Strength, style, grace, and functionality are the keys to beautiful, high-quality furniture.



    One of the main points when it comes to trends in furniture production is the ability to find and secure sustainable resources that offer long-term benefits on all levels. The ability to blend materials that are almost completely derived from wood sources creates benefits for both the environment and the manufacturer. Birch fibers can be used to create both a satin material and a wood-based leather material that are durable and versatile, while at the same time offering beauty and comfort. The materials produce a natural texture that is soft and strong at the same time.


    Style and Grace

    Incorporating wood-based materials and carbon fibre elements to create stylish yet durable furniture is fast becoming a popular trend when it comes to furniture production. Individuals who are looking for luxury items want furniture that meets or exceeds all of their expectations when it comes to style, grace, and beauty. The want pieces that are sturdy and durable, but have a design that sets them apart from the rest. 


    New trends in furniture production involve using sustainable resources that are environmentally sound, strong, and durable, as well as beautiful and stylish. Eclectic designs can be used to bring out the natural textures and tones of the materials, creating a seamless connection to nature and allowing for the maximum amount of comfort.

  • wooden leather designer handbag made in italy

    Look around you sometime in a mall, restaurant or even your office, and pay attention to what kinds of bags other people are carrying. Chances are that you’ll see a lot of the “same old, same old.” Most people are carrying leather bags that are attractive but that don’t necessarily make them feel good about the origins of the bag, or they have bags made of vinyl that seem low quality. Are you carrying one of these types of bags, too?

    You don’t have to be “ordinary” — there is an “extraordinary” option; it’s just not as well known. Wooden leather is a plant-based product that has all of the character and beauty of real leather but without the animal products. Plus, unlike animal leather or vinyl, if it is scratched or damaged, wooden leather can be treated to bring it back to its original beauty.

    Wooden leather is material crafted out of thin sheets of wood. The sheets are bonded to fabric, and the resulting material is micro laser-etched. One of the concerns many people have when they hear about wooden leather is that it causes trees to be cut down. While trees are used in this products, the leading wooden leather producer used by Effacto and Sparco, is committed to sustainability and plants 350 percent more trees than it consumes!

    Wooden leather is beautiful, and more purses and products are made with this product today than ever before. This beautiful material has a characteristic grain, which means each product is one of a kind. It even is individually numbered as a means of control. This means that when it’s time to pick a new bag, you can choose a purse option that is anything BUT ordinary!

    If you would like more information about wooden leather or you would like to see some of the beautiful bags available, reach out to us. We look forward to seeing you be unique!

  • Make The Bedroom of Your Dreams: Tips and Ideas


    Your bedroom is meant to be your space of calm relaxation and lovely luxury. Learning how to design your space can be a challenge, but if you follow some of these tips and ideas, you will be well on your way towards your dream bedroom.


    Something that is commonly overlooked in a lot of bedroom spaces is unique accessories. A bedroom doesn't always have to be a bed, a closet and a dresser. You have a whole space to accommodate so take advantage of it. Spice it up with some classical storage trunks or even just a simple luxury Italian furniture piece like a quality leather chair. Leather is very easy to care for and very easy to clean. Wiping up spills with a clean cloth and conditioning the leather once or twice a year can make it last a lifetime.

    Go Italian!

    On the subject of fine Italian furniture, it makes a great investment in the end. Whether looking for high end modern furniture or something more classic, luxury Italian bedroom furniture cannot steer you wrong. A simple vanity or headboard make for some fine Italian furniture that will most definitely give your bedroom a regal and comfy feel. Luxury Italian bedroom furniture can give a style that can't be beat.

    Give It Some Color!

    For those on a budget and unable to purchase such high end furnishings, a new color scheme can work wonders for your bedroom. A new coat of paint or different colored sheets give a fresh look to a space you see every day at a very low cost. Combine wall colors with other furnishings, like comforters, pillows and accessories to really bring the room together.

    Give the Walls Some Love!

    Having four blank walls surrounding you can really make your bedroom feel cramped and suffocating. Invest in some wall decorations to break up the blank spaces a bit. Mirrors are a go-to when trying to make a space feel bigger, and inexpensive art pieces can really make a room pop.

    Brighten it Up!

    A dim and dreary bedroom isn't going to make anyone feel comfortable. Investing in some quality lamps and light fixtures can really brighten up -- no pun intended -- your bedroom for a lifetime. From a bright overhead light to a small bedside lamp, light fixtures should never be overlooked.

    Creating your dream bedroom takes a lot of time and effort. Each person is different and you want your bedroom to reflect your own personality so that you can stay happy and comfortable in it. We hope you found these tips helpful in creating your own space.

  • wooden leather


    People recognize, know and love several luxury Italian fashion brands. These are popular brands that not only have been around for years but have survived multiple rotations of the fashion compass and changing trends. What sets these companies apart is the material they use in the creation of their products. This is the line that Effacto follows in. Using the highest-quality materials, Effacto has quickly positioned itself as a leader in the luxury fashion industry. 

    Wooden Leather

    When people think about luxury fashion fabrics, they think about the quality of the leather. Leather is popular because it is soft and comfortable while remaining durable and making a fashion statement. Effacto wooden leather has been made from sheets of wood that have been bonded together in an environmentally friendly way. One of the problems with lower-quality brands is that the leather can fade and lose its shine or texture over time. With top luxury brands such as Effacto, fading is never a problem. In fact, the passage of time changes the tone and texture of the wooden leather in a way that enriches the expression of its form. This leather will endure over time.

    Carbon Fiber

    Effacto furniture products are made out of a carbon fiber material. This is a high-quality material that has been used by some of the top luxury furniture manufacturers in the world. This is an environmentally sustainable material that has been honed and tested over the years. It demonstrate that it is both reliable and durable without sacrificing any of the qualities that people, who are looking for luxury furniture, expect. By using this material in their luxury furniture line, Effacto has quickly positioned itself among the leaders in the industry with luxury furniture products, featuring eclectic and minimalist designs that have grown in popularity. 

  • luxury furniture

    When you start the furniture shopping process, it is normal and understandable to have numerous ideas and questions floating through your mind. Because high-end Italian furniture is a large investment, it only makes sense that you want to get your purchase right. With so many different options to choose from, how can you narrow down the options and find what's right for you? There are several factors that everyone should consider when shopping for luxury furniture.

    The Materials

    The first question that everyone should ask when looking at options for luxury furniture is from what material is the furniture made? With so many different types of wood, leather, and upholstery on the market, you need to make sure that you're getting the best options on the market. Is the material comfortable? Does it have any water-resistant properties? Does the material truly reflect luxury? These are all key questions that should be asked before making an investment in high end Italian furniture. Effacto furniture products are made with only the finest materials available, ensuring you receives the best value for your purchase.


    Luxury furniture is an expensive investment, you should make sure that your purchase will last for generations. Some furniture will break down after only a few years and start to lose the shine and luster that attracted you to it in the first place. Ask the merchant about how well the furniture holds its value. Effacto furniture will stand the test of time, ensuring that their products are consistently the most valuable pieces on the market.

    The Space

    Don't forget that the furniture will need to fit in your home. Sometimes adding unique furniture as an accent piece requires an analysis of the rooms in your home. Effacto can provide the exact measurements for your floor plan renderings to ensure that there aren't any surprises when the luxury piece arrives to your home. Contact Effacto today for more information!

  • Interior design tips

    Do you have a small kitchen? Does it make cooking meals a hassle? Did you know that with the help of a few interior design decorating tips and tricks, you can make your kitchen look and feel larger? Yes, that's right! Here are some ideas to implement in your kitchen today.

    Invest in a table

    Even if you have the smallest of kitchens, one thing is for certain: you need a table to eat on! Your table will be one of the most pivotal parts of your kitchen, so you will want it to stand out. Don't know where to start looking? Check out some fine Italian furniture brands, as you cannot go wrong with the quality and finish of some wooden high end modern furniture.

    Go patterned

    There is a myth floating around that patterns make a room look smaller. This is in fact not true, and you shouldn't let it stop you from decorating your kitchen with the pattern of your dreams! Patterns of every color, size, and shape will really make your small kitchen stand out.

    Pick a focal point

    Have some high end gifts you'd like to show off? Put them in your kitchen! After all, the kitchen is the hub of the entire house, and chances are more people will be in your kitchen than anywhere else. We're thinking small statues, bowls, or anything else that tickles your fancy would work great.

    Black and white

    Classic black and white never goes out of style, and will match any accessories and decor that you choose. Try to aim for having equal pieces of black and white across the kitchen -- like a black backsplash, a white table, black chairs, white tableware, and even black countertops.

    Furniture truly is an investment. After all, Americans spent more than $101.41 billion dollars on furniture and other different accessories back in 2013. So if you are remodeling your kitchen, make it count! Choosing to utilize Italian fashion brands for your home is an investment that will keep on giving for years to come. Looking for some furniture or high end gifts to make your home really shine? Stop by our showroom today.

  • luxury Italian furniture

    We all love decorating our homes, that's a given. However, it can be all too easy to settle for stale home decor. So to make spring cleaning easier for you this year, we have made a list of outdated trends to get rid of and updated items to replace them with!

    Out with the: Brass

    In with the: Mixed metals

    Brass is quite shiny and eye-catching, but if not shined regularly it can quickly become dull and lackluster. It also brings a 1970s vibe that may not work too well with the new modern homes of today. Don't restrict yourself to one metal when decorating; after all, your home doesn't have to be all matchy-matchy! Go with all different kinds of metals when decorating for a unique look.

    Out with the: Simple hanging lightbulbs

    In with the: Murano glass Italian furnishings

    We aren't saying that Eddison style light bulbs are not beautiful, but they are quite overdone. If you want to pack a punch, an ornate Murano glass chandelier will do the trick.

    Out with the: Monochrome rooms

    In with the: Accent pieces

    All white interiors have been huge for a while now, but homeowners are getting tired of having stark rooms that don't feel lived in. They are now putting splashes of color all around, such as red luxury Italian sofas, navy accent pillows, or orange and yellow carpets.

    Out wth the: Suede

    In with the: Leather

    Nothing beats leather furniture. And what culture is known for their leather high end gifts? The Italians, of course! It is time to invest in luxury Italian furniture for your home, but make sure to test the leather first. As a rule of thumb, top grain leather is from the top 3/64 of an inch or .9mm to 1.5mm of the outer grain of the leather hide. Typically, fine Italian furniture will have this, but it is imperative you check before you purchase.

    Out with the: Printed wallpaper

    In with the: Accent wall pieces

    Colorful printed wallpaper such as chevron or brocade can easily look cheap. To keep things simple and versatile, if you are feeling a change, use accent wall pieces. These large paintings will serve as a focal point without being overwhelming.

    Need some help with your interior decorating? Our luxury Italian furniture specialists are here to help in any way we can!

  • animal cruelty-free certification

    We're proud to announce that Effacto has been awarded a "VVV" certificate for its animal cruelty-free fashion products. While there are numerous brands in the industry that use real animal leather or fur, Effacto has found a way to obtain a luxury material without having to place animals in harm's way. This is a powerful certificate that highlights all of the hard work that Effacto has put in to produce animal cruelty-free luxury products.

    What Does Animal-Free Mean?

    In response to the growing public outcry regarding the killing and testing of animals in the industry, the Animal Free Fashion was founded to track the companies that respect the health and lives of animals everywhere. Investors looking for companies and products that do not test on animals or use their leather and fur, can find the Animal Free label. This helps to give consumers a choice in the fashion industry. Companies that receive the Animal Free label have met a certain standard set by the industry.

    How Does The Rating System Work?

    With the Animal Free project, there are numerous rating levels that companies can be given based on where the materials for their products come from. Companies that do not use fur, wool, silk, feathers and skin can be given ratings that range from V to VV and even VVV. Effacto has been given a certificate of VVV, meaning that the company has done an exceptional job of avoiding animal testing when manufacturing their products and has refrained from using materials that come from animals.

    Separating Themselves From The Competition

    Unfortunately, animal materials are still ubiquitous in the fashion industry, particularly when people look for real leather. This is what makes Effacto different from the competition. Effacto has added a new segment to the industry with their wooden leather products. Wooden leather is made from sheets of wood that are bonded together and etched using a micro-laser. This process is different from real leather or fur which proceeds from animals. An investment in Effacto cruelty-free fashion products is an investment in the future of animals, humans, and the planet.

  • italian made furniture

    In 2014, Millennials made up 37% of all households who bought furniture and bedding. Many of these young people may be living in smaller spaces, but that doesn't mean that they have to forego a life of luxury when it comes to furniture buying.

    With minimalist designs all the rage right now, anyone can feel free to decorate their home with high end furnishings without overcrowding their living spaces.

    Here are some decorating tips for maximizing your space with high end modern furniture:


    1. Play up the power of mirrors

      This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Some carefully mounted mirrors can sometimes make a place appear endless. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors, especially, can create the illusion of more square footage even if none exists.

    2. Pack up the patterns

      While this isn't a furniture tip, it is a very simple rule of thumb for making any space look bigger. Dark colors and patterns tend to make a room look busier and tighter. Instead, use light hues -- specifically neutral tones -- to enhance your space and allow natural light to fill the room. Don't feel like you have to dull down your home, though. Accent pieces like pillows and paintings can make quite the statement and give your space just the right amount of personal flair to make it your own.

    3. Embrace clear furniture

      This is a big trend in high end luxury furniture right now. Whether you're looking at a glass table top or a chair that is supported by simple supports, being able to see beyond your furniture is a great way to make your room seem bigger. Dark or bulky furniture can appear to take up more space, but being able to see through your furniture will almost make it seem like the piece isn't even there!

    4. Use floating shelves

      Standing furniture takes up more floor space than necessary. If you have a library of books, then it makes sense to install a large standing book shelf. But for those who have a smaller collection, or are displaying virtually anything else from artwork, to plants, to photographs or mementos, a floating shelf will help you increase your amount of floor space.

    From Italian made furniture to other luxury Italian homeware, at Effacto, our goal is to produce unique pieces that resonate with customers and even look like works of art.

    If you need more inspiration, search through our Italian made furniture collections.

  • high end furnishings

    Did you know that as a homeowner, furniture is the third most expensive thing you will ever buy, after a house and a car? So it only makes sense that you do everything you can to show it off. If you are looking for some inspiration on what to do with your luxury Italian furniture and high end furnishings, read on. Here are some interior decorating ideas that will get your house ready for the warm days of spring.

    Florals with a twist

    No, we aren't talking old fashioned, tablecloth-like florals. Instead, think large prints with whimsical pastel watercolors. Nervous about using florals in your house? The easiest way is to slowly integrate them in with bedspreads and pillows, then graduate to curtains and even upholstered chairs.

    Texture everywhere

    The best way to make your high end furnishings look lived in and cozy? Use some texture! Large, cozy knits bring the perfect mix of hominess and sophistication, but it is important to make sure you don't go overboard. Keep it simple by having one or two textured pieces, such as a throw blanket and an ottoman, so your room doesn't look too cramped.

    Don't be afraid of some glitz and glam

    We have all seen metallics everywhere on the furnishing circuit, from golden lamps and mirrored tables to bronze Italian furnishings. This trend is still going strong and is now being incorporated with extra glitter to make everything pop. Choose light fixtures, knick-knacks, and even chairs to bring this look into your home.

    Neutral pastels

    Don't worry, neutral pastels aren't going anywhere anytime soon! However, they are changing a little bit. Instead of beiges, creams, and grays, Italian fashion brands have started to roll out light pink, lavender, and sky blue for anything from luxury Italian furniture to high end gifts. If you are looking to incorporate these colors into your home, always choose a color one shade lighter than you want for the best output.

    With these interior design tips in mind, you will be on your way to having a gorgeous home, all ready for spring!

  • high end luxury furniture

    Your living room is one of the most important spaces in your home. It's there for you to unwind at the end of a long work day, to revel in the relaxation of the weekend, and to entertain guests from far and wide. But after time, even the most comfortable looks can start to feel stale and dated. If you're looking to revamp your living room space with luxury in mind, here are a few ideas to get you started in your transformation.

    1. Set the Mood With the Right Lighting.

      Having a variety of lighting options is important for setting the right tone for the many occasions that take place in the living room. From cocktail parties to movie nights, make sure that you can always put your space in the right light. While you may opt for overhead dimmers, don't forget about the ambiance that a few floor or table lamps can create.

    2. Invest in the Right Furniture.

      There's no question that the right high end luxury furniture can immediately transform a space of any size. At the same time, you want high end modern furniture that won't look outdated in another five years. Consider leather Italian living room furniture for a timeless look that lasts. Luxury Italian sofas made of leather are also easy to care for; simply use a conditioner once every six to 12 months on the surface. Spills wipe up with a clean cloth -- no need for soaps, detergents, or solvents.

    3. Create Variety With Color Accents.

      A lot of high end luxury furniture comes in either very dark or very light tones. You can create contrast with a few colorful throw pillows or decorative area rugs. Displaying high end gifts and interesting pieces on your end tables or bookshelves also makes for great conversation starters at parties.

    For a little more luxury out of your everyday life, look first to the space where you go to relax. Transforming your living room can easily transform the feeling of your entire home. When you can kick up your heels on high end luxury furniture every evening, each part of your day will start to feel a little more luxurious.

  • italian made furniture

    Although the kitchen may be the heart of the home, your living room is where the action is. It's the central feature of any house: it's where you spend the Majority of your time as a family, and it's the first area your guests see. When you revamp your living room, you can give your whole home a facelift.

    If the current state of your living room has you feeling bored and uninspired, it may be time to think about incorporating some new features and ideas. You do not even have to do an expensive renovation; many times, reorganization and a few fresh elements are all you need. You can easily transform your living room from lackluster to luxurious With These three ideas:

    1. Simplify and streamline

      A cluttered living space can overpower the features you love and Significantly reduces your ability to feel relaxed at home. It's important to organize and edit So THAT you feel at ease in your living room. In fact, 60% of customers who buy high end furnishings look for items That Make them feel comfortable and calm in Their space. When there's too much noise going on, you are not incendio appreciate your high end living room furniture  or  the space itself. Likewise, if your furniture is out of proportion with the size of your space, you may feel cramped and overwhelmed. Instead, acquire Italian made furniture pieces That Make an impact without adding bulk. Often, the key to chic sophistication is to keep it simple.

    2. Use sculptural elements

      When you add texture to your space, you're Also adding visual interest. Even a small sculpture or interesting piece of art can break up the monotony of a room. Of course, These Should be Utilized carefully and thoughtfully. If you want to use high end modern furniture to accomplish this, an interesting floor lamp, unique coffee table or side table, or an accent chair can do nicely. The trick is to add a pop of intrigue as a complement to everything else in the space.

    3. Embrace the modern age

      Certain styles can make a room Seem old fashioned, especially When it comes to furniture. Instead of over-stuffed shabby chic, make the switch to more contemporary options like modern Italian-made furniture. Our Italian made furniture is sleek with an industrial flair, Which makes for versatile pieces That add luxury to any space. The combination of natural materials, clean lines, and visual interest will automatically make the entire room look blackberries expensive and impressive.

    Looking to bring life and luxury back into your main living space? Our Italian living room furniture options will be sure to make a statement and add well-designed function to your home. For more information about our pieces, please contact us today.

  • The Importance of Environmentally Friendly Furniture, Home Decor, and Fashion

    The environment has recently been in the spotlight of the global media for a variety of reasons. While most people associate the environment with gas emissions, climate change, or utility requirements, it is also important to invest in environmentally friendly furniture, fashion, and home decor as well. In fact, some of the most important reasons are covered below.

    1. Investing in Environmentally Friendly Furniture Preserves the Industry

    Many companies that produce high-end furniture create their furniture in ways that damage the environment and deplete non-renewable resources. While this approach might save money and provide cheaper options in the short term, this method is not sustainable and eventually those resources will run out. By investing in environmentally friendly furniture, people can rest assured knowing that their purchase works towards ensuring that the luxury furniture market survives for the long term. 

    2. Environmentally Friendly Furniture and Fashion are Safer

    Most people don't realize that environmentally friendly furniture and fashion are actually safer for the overall health of everyone involved. Many pieces of furniture are built with traces of lead varnish in the piece. Some fashion lines are made using chemicals that might be hazardous to the health of the wearer. Make these worries an issue of the past by investing in environmentally friendly furniture and fashion. In fact, these pieces are made specifically to preserve the environment by avoiding those dangerous products.

    3. Environmentally Friendly Home Decor Provides a Unique Fashion Statement

    When people invest in environmentally friendly home decor, this high-end purchase helps people make a unique fashion statement that simultaneously says that they care about the environment and their style. These unique home decor items help people set themselves apart. Furthermore, environmentally friendly home decor works well with the natural light and makes the rooms seem brighter, particularly when made with metal or glass. 
    Anyone who has questions about how high-end, environmentally friendly items can improve their home should check out Effacto today. Our line focuses on creating luxury items in a sustainable manner so that everyone can enjoy our products for the long term. 

  • qualities to consider in high end home furniture

    Given the amount of time people spend in their home, it makes sense that everyone wants to make their home stylish while making a powerful personal statement. With this goal in mind, it is vital that homeowners looking for high-end home furniture make quality decisions with their choices. To meet this end, here are a few qualities that everyone should look for in luxury home furniture.

    1. Attention to Detail

    The glory of luxury furniture is always in the details. Analyze the piece closely to take a look at the artist's intent. How much time did the artist spend making sure that the details were met? Has the artist's original intent been concealed in any way? When people walk into the room, they may not realize it; however, the details are extremely important because it is details that will bring the entire room together. Don't overlook the details on the first pass because everyone will notice them later.

    2. Environmentally Friendly

    Many companies that produce high-end furniture use materials that damage the environment in the manufacturing process. People don't need to invest in materials that harm the environment to find high-end home furniture. In fact, some of the most popular and trendy high-end home furniture is made out of wood. Look for wood, glass, or metal furniture that has been produced in an environmentally friendly way. This will also help to preserve the industry.

    3. The Modernism of the Furniture

    One of the most popular trends among the high-end furniture producers in the industry has been the focus on modernism. This involves unique and eclectic trends that help people to set their own personal style apart from others. People should take a look at some of the furniture pieces that fit this trend because these are pieces that are likely to remain in style for the foreseeable future. Furthermore, they go well with a variety of other personal touches.

    These are only a few of the qualities that people should seek in high-end quality furniture. Effacto is one of the premier brands in the industry and produces quality, luxury home furniture. Follow the brand on social media to stay up to date on their products!

  • luxury Italian bedroom furniture

    Furniture is typically the most expensive thing a person will ever buy, after their house and car, and so it should be thought of as an investment. High end furnishings and chic decor in your bedroom will help create a calming oasis to retreat to after you've had a bad day, and will last for many years. Here are some chic and incredibly useful tips on how to bring that oasis into your home.

    Keep the bedside tables clean

    It is a smart idea to keep clutter off of your bedside table because it will forever remind you of things you need to do. This isn't relaxing at all, and if your nightstand is covered with papers and other objects, it will be the last thing you see at night and the first in the morning. Take all the clutter and tuck it away someplace -- bedside tables with drawers are great for this. Then replace it with a bouquet of flowers or a couple books from your reading list.

    Upholster your wall

    Not only is an upholstered wall incredibly chic, it will work to cocoon your room and make it as quiet as possible. Choose a luxe fabric such as silk, suede, or satin in a neutral color to make your room feel even more cozy.

    High quality furniture

    If you really want to create an inviting space, try luxury Italian bedroom furniture. Italian fine furniture is made with outstanding craftsmanship, and is made to last. Investing in luxury Italian bedroom furniture in leather or suede will give you a statement piece that will match any decor you choose for generations to come.

    Keep it simple

    Simple, clean lines pack a punch. You don't want to walk into a room that is overwhelmed by bright colors and too much decoration, so subdue your color palette and keep the pictures and large accessories to a minimum.

    Have a separate seating zone

    If your room is large enough, allocate a separate seating zone so you can hang out in your room without feeling too sleepy. Your brain associates your bed with sleep, so if you want to read, work, or watch television with a clear mind, invest in some ottomans and chaise lounges.

    Keep these tips in mind when decorating your bedroom and you will soon have a comfortable, relaxing sanctuary in your home. If you are in the market for fine Italian furniture, come down to ef+facto today.

  • Using high end furnishings to make a statement in your home does not always mean remodeling or redecorating a large room. You can add pieces in small areas of your home that have high impact. One such area is your entryway or entry hallway. Many homes have room for a statement piece in the entryway. You can add a piece of furniture such as a high table displaying one or a few accessories and possibly a mirror or painting if there is enough room. 

    Measuring Your Space

    Start by measuring your space, allowing for plenty of room for your door to open and close and two people to stand comfortably in the entrance. This gives you enough room to answer the door and let in your guest. If more than one guest comes in at the same time, a bit of crowding is natural. Ideally, your accent piece should be opposite the doorway. In this position, guests will see it when they enter. If that position is not possible, then choose a side wall near the door where guests stop and take off their coats. 

    Selecting Your Statement Piece

    Choose a piece of furniture, preferably a table that comes out only 2 feet or less from the wall. Some of this decision will be based on your room size. The furniture should have a strong design in your preferred style. For instance, using a table from Sparco Home & Style collection offers an eclectic contemporary statement. Pieces are simple, yet make a design statement. To enhance the effect, add an off-center vase with silk flowers and a contemporary mirror or abstract art piece. You can see how this would offer a strong impact on guests as they enter your home. Since this piece is primarily decorative, it helps if it is easy to dust and maintain. 

    Adding More Through Wall Color

    To add even more oomph to your statement piece, you can paint your entryway in a bold color. For a contemporary space, a vibrant red would offer a unique backdrop for the table. If you want to add the art piece, you can coordinate or contrast with it.

  • Awesome ideas for home decor in the new year

    As the calendar turns to a new year, the trends surrounding home decor are changing once again. As people try to ensure their home keeps up with the latest trends, there are a few awesome ideas for home decor that everyone should check out.


    1. Take Advantage of the Properties of Glass

    While many people already use glass for the sliding glass doors in their home, glass actually has a number of applications for home decor. People should remember that glass is reflective and can be used efficiently to enhance the amount of natural light in the room. People can actually create glass walls with various color schemes to accentuate a room or even use glass countertops to create a unique feel for the room. Even table tops can be created out of glass in a versatile style that works in a number of settings.

    2. This Natural Light Works Well with Wood

    With the natural light that floods the room, one of the best uses for this light is to combine the brightness with wood. Wood has been used for home decoration for centuries and has never faded out of style. Coffee tables, wine racks, and even wall mounts work well with wood. In fact, why not consider uses a wooden wall mount to hold a beautiful glass vase? The natural light and wooden wall mount combines beautifully with colorful flowers in a way that will brighten up any home.

    3. Carbon Fiber Furniture is Changing the Industry

    With the trend moving towards a modernist feel, carbon fiber furniture is the future. In addition to being incredibly versatile and durable, carbon fiber furniture is growing in popularity. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, carbon fiber furniture can help bring an entire room together. When people sit carbon fiber chairs around a beautiful table, the owner's personal style comes to the forefront in a beautiful way.

    For more ideas on home decor for the new year, contact Effacto today. Our unique line of luxury and high-end products can help everyone improve their home for the coming year!

  • Eco-Friendly Materials Make Unique Furniture for Your Home

    Modern Italian furniture can add a classic style to your home decor. Traditionally, Italian furniture was hand-carved or built from natural materials such as hardwoods. As these materials became more expensive, they created two issues. The first one is that good furniture is getting pricier and often too expensive for many customers. Instead of re-furnishing an entire room, many people choose to buy one or two accent pieces and then furnish the rest of the room with more affordable choices.

    The other problem is that natural non-renewable materials are being used up faster than we can replace them, especially certain types of wood. In a modern home, some materials can also be too difficult to care for. It takes gentler handling than many synthetic materials. However, synthetic materials have not always met the high standards of furniture clients. As technology has improved new synthetic materials are starting to be manufactured that look like natural wood, yet hold up to a lot of vigorous wear and tear. These synthetics look terrific and are not as fragile or delicate as natural wood. You can use standard furniture cleaners on the synthetics that cannot be used on old-fashioned hardwoods.

    Eco-Friendly Wood Options and New Materials

    The true success of eco-friendly materials is when they are cost-effective and work for your needs. The new eco-friendly synthetics used to replace natural wood and stone are truly beautiful. You can find increasing numbers of selections for furniture, flooring and cabinetry. Instead of worrying about spills and scratches on wood or stone surfaces, you can relax and enjoy your home and just clean up afterward. Guests can put their glasses on your dining table or living room coffee table without worrying about leaving a ring. There is no need to stress out about dirt and moisture, and you can buy the cheaper, standard furniture and household cleaners for synthetic materials. These new materials don't look like plastic. They look just like leather, wood, rattan and stone. Your choices for decorating have now expanded.

    Nature and Technology Working Together

    Being eco-friendly is much easier when you also save money and time. As technology improves, more efficient and practical eco-friendly choices are becoming available in all industries. We are lucky that the home decorating industry is in the forefront of this trend.

  • Top Fashion Statements For the New Year

    The trends in the fashion industry change more quickly than any other industry in the world. With the new year rolling in, everyone is eager to see what kind of fashion trends line up for the coming months. It is always better to set the trend than to follow so with this goal in mind, here are a few fashion trends that people should look out for during the new year.

    1. Tropical and Floral Trends Ire In

    The goal in 2017 is to brighten the mood and bring in some fun! No theme does this better than a tropical fashion theme. Women everywhere should take a look at some tropical-themed dresses to help set the trend and enjoy the new style. Bright colors, gorgeous flowers, beautiful weather, and even topical-themed drinks are going to be popular this coming year. Don't get behind! Jump on the trend early.

    2. The Painter Theme Will Continue

    2016 brought in numerous dresses that looked like they were painted on rather than printed. This trend is going to continue in full force. Don't go for a dress that looks like it was produced in mass quantities. Make sure to find a dress that makes a unique statement. This will grab everyone's attention.

    3. Pair the Tropics With a Wooden Leather Accessory

    Items that pair well with the tropical theme are typically high-end accessories, such as purses. Women everywhere should make sure that they have one or more purses or handbags to ensure that there is a variety of outfits to choose from. It is even better that the products are wood-based because this fits better with the tropical, outdoors theme. Furthermore, wooden leather is very durable and environmentally friendly! Don't be afraid to hunt around to find the perfect, luxury accessory to pair with the outfit.

  • italian furnishings

    Nothing is better than coming home to a beautiful house after a long hard day. This feeling can only be emphasized by fantastic interior design and high end furnishings. It can be easy to fall behind on interior trends, so to make it easy for you the home decorator, here are some interior design trends to keep an eye out for in 2017.

    Earthy pastels
    Pantone has recently released their 2017 color and it is a beautiful ethereal green. Take this trend and run with by outfitting your home with this color and its complimentary shades, think light tan, blush, lavender, gray, and cream. This neutral palette offers an easy canvas for any luxury home brands and furnishings you have in mind.

    Mixed metals
    You don't have to match everything to give off a high end look! Mixed metals are cutting edge and fantastic to work with, so combine that bronze light fixture with a silver end table, a gold chair with a polished nickel table, and so on. You can even find high end luxury furniture in white, which works as a fantastic neutral base to help you mix all the metals you'd like.

    Go Italian
    Italians are known for their fine Italian furniture that boasts seamless lines, luxe fabrics, and a vintage-meets-classic feel. Italian furnishings are great investment pieces as they are made with outstanding craftsmanship and will last until the end of time. Plus, their classic look never goes out of style, so these investment pieces will work with any decor you choose!

    Art inspired wallpaper
    Want your room to pack a punch? Look for mural inspired wallpaper instead of the typical prints and patterns. This artsy way of decorating your walls will speak for itself and compliment neutral furniture and accessories. Anything watercolor-inspired works great, but keep in mind that you want the room to pack a punch without being too overwhelming.

    The global luxury furniture market is expected to grow by four percent between 2015-2019, meaning you should take advantage of all the new designs coming out now. Looking for high class, high quality Italian furnishings? Come by to EFFACTO, your one stop shop for quality Italian made furniture.

  • cruelty free high end designer bag made of wooden leather

    In the past, if you wanted a leather-looking bag, you had two options. You could choose real leather (and deal with the sourcing issues that go with it), or you could pick a man-made alternative that is often lacking in the design department. After all, no matter how high-quality the vinyl — it still looked like vinyl. However, Ef+Facto has created an alternative that is turning heads. Now, you do not have to sacrifice style for a cruelty-free bag.

    Wooden leather is a patented material that is made from wood. Sheets of wood are bonded to a fabric backing. Even better, an environmentally-friendly adhesive is used, so there are NO concerns there either. Then, the wood sheets are micro-laser etched, which makes the resulting material soft and pliable, just like leather. 

    All this is well and good, but beyond being cruelty-free, our wooden leather is fully sustainable. That is because for every tree used, 350 square meters of wooden leather are created, but we make sure more three are replanted than the number consumed.

    The bags themselves are designed with the same style and aesthetic that a luxury leather bag would be, because why should style only come at the expense of an animal or the environment? Perfect for high end gifts, a beautiful bag is available to anyone, not just those who are willing to cave on their beliefs in a cruelty-free product. 

    For the SparcoHome & Lifestyle collection , we give each of our bags a unique number, a serial number of sorts. This number will help in identification. However, it is not the only unique feature. Because of how wooden leather is produced, no bag is the same as any other. Every single product is a real work of art. 

    If you would like to learn more about wooden leather, this exciting and fashionable innovation, or if you would like to see wooden leather for yourself, reach out to us today. We look forward to making our product a key part of your wardrobe.

  • High end garments made of wood fiber

    Have you ever watched models on the runway? The clothes are beautiful, but they are often stiff. Sometimes they tend to be on the boring side — year after year, the same thing shows up, made by the same designers. In the world of Italian luxury clothing, one thing that is often overlooked is the comfort factor. Who would have thought that the place that you could find comfort would be WOOD. Wood, yes, wood, is the new high-end material that is turning heads on the runways but also creating outfits that are just as comfortable to wear as they are attractive!


    Clothes made from wood fiber are actually similar to silk, and the new look is the haute new trend this season. The material is cool, breathable and super-soft. However, it is also a material that is totally sustainable and ecologically friendly, which makes for a runway hit today. Because the material is made from wood pulp, it is very strong too. In fact, the material only gets stronger when it is washed. How unusual is that? Having clothing that keeps its shape and its beauty over time is an investment than anyone can see is worth making.


    You probably wonder, what does the cloth look like? Much like silk, it depends on how it is woven. Creating many different looks is possible. You can turn this wood pulp blend into a linen, terry, knit, jacquard or satin finish depending on how it is woven. That flexibility is highly beneficial in the fashion industry today.


    Our latest capsule collection is called “Food and Flowers” — full of pieces that will bring out the sights and colors of nature. If you would like to learn more about our offerings or see some of our pieces, feel free to reach out to us today. We would love to show you how beautiful and comfortable this collection can make you feel.